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The Gifted Child Society (TGCS) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing unique enrichment programs and services to children with giftedness who are in preschool, elementary school, middle school, and beyond. Students four years and older must meet TGCS Admissions requirements to participate in TGCS programs.

Since its inception in 1957, TGCS has served nearly 70,000 gifted children in New Jersey and its surrounding areas.

The United States Department of Education has named TGCS a national demonstration model.

Extraordinary Opportunities Await Your Gifted Child

TGCS provides gifted children and their families many things not available elsewhere, including:

We invite your gifted children to explore the exciting opportunities that await them.

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Upcoming Programs & Events at The Gifted Child Society

TGCS eligibility and Membership is required.
See our Admissions page for details.
Visit TGCS Facebook page to see photos and videos from our live, virtual classrooms.

The Saturday Workshop Fall 2020 Program, October 3 - December 12 - With this special program, children with giftedness in Preschool through Grade 8 enjoy tailored, STEAM-based curricula - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics - in our live, virtual classrooms each Saturday morning. Our TGCS-trained instructors guide gifted learners through ten weeks of advanced STEAM curricula and activities, with differentiated instruction, for an extraordinary experience of learning and fun for the gifted mind! Introductory courses are available for three year olds (TGCS eligibility is not required for three year olds).
Registration is Now Open!

Cyber Super Stars Camp STEAM 2021 - This unique summer program is available to gifted campers in Preschool through Grade 9. Campers enjoy this one-of-a-kind camp experience with fellow campers looking for advanced learning, challenges, games, fun, and camaraderie. Cyber Super Stars offers an extraordinary and advanced STEAM enrichment experience - in live, virtual, and differentiated classrooms with TGCS instructors - all summer long. Cyber Super Stars campers spend extra fun time during our Camper Connections(c) sessions, included with their camp experience.
NOTE: In-person recreational activities will be added to the Cyber Super Stars summer program, pending full availability of outdoor recreational venues.
Registration Opens in November, 2020.

TGCS 2021 Middle School Pre-Grad Program For Gifted Teens, February - December, 2021:
Extraordinary two-tiered program for TGCS students in 7th and 8th grades, designed to help teens with giftedness prepare for high school, college, and beyond. Virtual and in-person workshops provide timely and relevant information and guidance to plan for the future and develop “toolkits” and skills for future success. Program focuses on self and leadership development to build solid foundations for life.
Registration opens in January, 2021.

TGCS Ambassador Program for Teens, January to December (Year-Round):
A full-year leadership development program for high school and college students in which work and leadership opportunities are offered to develop skills and abilities needed for future success. Our Ambassadors are role models for TGCS students, trained by TGCS to support and nurture our gifted learners as an integral part of TGCS programming.
NOTE: Ambassador hiring for TGCS 2020 programming is currently being revisited, due to our virtual programming currently in progress.
Students are welcome to submit TGCS Ambassador Applications for consideration, once in-person work opportunities become available. Click Here for More Details on the TGCS Ambassador Program.

The Deep-Dive Experience, August 17-20 & 24-27 - A special, virtual educational immersion for TGCS students in Preschool through Grade 9. TGCS eligibility required.
This experience ended in August, 2020.

We Celebrate Children with Giftedness

TGCS strives to create a safe and balanced environment in which our gifted learners are encouraged to reach their full potential, wherever their interests may lie. We celebrate their individualism and hard work as they embrace their own unique pursuits. We are so proud of our students and we support them just for being who they are!
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TGCS Testimonials - Students, Parents & Graduates

We love hearing from our students and families!
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Our Mission: To Inspire!

The mission of The Gifted Child Society is to encourage and further the overall well-being of gifted children, through each stage of their development, and to provide them with the inspiration and means by which they will achieve their full potential.

Referred to by our students as “the gifted child’s Hogwarts”, TGCS offers a world of extraordinary learning that balances intellectual exploration with social and emotional development. TGCS designs its curricula according to the unique needs of gifted learners, for whom we are deeply committed.

TGCS students learn with like-minded peers, participating in TGCS-signature programs with which they are given the opportunity to delve into endless intellectual pursuits and activities, to discover for the first time or to master for a lifetime.

TGCS offers specialized learning opportunities for every stage of a gifted child’s development. Our students grow up with TGCS, beginning as early as three and four years of age, and continue their TGCS experiences through high school. TGCS students make lifelong friends and participate in programs together, year after year. Our teen graduates often take their first job with TGCS, as a TGCS Ambassador.

Staff, Curricula, and Live, Virtual Classrooms For Advanced Learning

We are very proud of our accomplished and dedicated staff. TGCS-trained instructors deliver unique TGCS courses such as Virtual Reality, 3-D Modeling & Printing, Fencing, Coding, Astronomy, Equestrian Science, Applied Art, Imaginative Literature, Robotics - and many more. Our dedicated administration and management team strives to provide the most inspiring and best possible learning experience for all.

TGCS eligibility is required for participation in TGCS programs.

Financial assistance is available to those who qualify. Email admin@gifted.org for more information.

How to Get Started

We invite you and your gifted child to learn more about TGCS and the full scope of our programs and services highlighted on our website.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to welcoming your gifted child to TGCS!

“One never knows what will inspire.” - Mrs. Cynthia Peters, Early Childhood Educator

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