CYBER Super Stars Camp STEAM Day Camp

CYBER Super Stars Camp STEAM Highlights

CYBER Super Stars Camp STEAM 2020 is in session June 29th – August 7th, 2020

Gifted campers participate in LIVE, INTERACTIVE virtual TGCS classrooms

Campers have fun with like-minded friends, sharing challenging academic curricula and activities together

Special advanced course options are available to middle school campers bridging to high school in the fall

TGCS Membership/eligibility required for children four years and older

Camp STEAMlet is available for three year olds (TGCS eligibility is not required)

** For course descriptions and pricing, download our CYBER Super Stars Camp STEAM Summer Catalog (below) **

NOW AVAILABLE with Cyber Super Stars Camp STEAM:
- The Full Camp Experience
- The A La Carte Experience - NEW!
- The Crestwood Lake Experience - NEWLY ADDED!

Download our new 2020 Summer Catalog for allprogram details (below)

**NOTE: CYBER Super Stars Camp STEAM is a SAFE, virtual summer camp alternative. We now have an additional in-person, outdoor Crestwood Lake experience available. For more details, download our Summer Catalog, below.

Program Discounts

Discounts are available with our 3- and 6-week sessions of Cyber Super Stars Camp STEAM, in addition to The Crestwood Lake Experience

Each Member sibling beyond the first receives a sibling discount with camp registration (not applicable to three year olds)

Program/Pricing Information

Download the New CYBER Super Stars Camp STEAM 2020 Program Catalog HERE!

Register Your Camper

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! All registration links can be found in our 2020 Summer Catalog pp. 8-10.

About CYBER Super Stars Camp STEAM

Referred to by our students as “the gifted child’s Hogwarts”, TGCS offers a unique learning environment that inspires and nurtures the gifted child.

Cyber Super Stars Camp STEAM day camp is an extraordinary summer program unlike any other camp for gifted child(ren) in preschool, elementary school, and middle school. Our CYBER SUper Stars Camp STEAM offers robust academic mornings founded on true STEAM disciplines - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics - actiivities, Fun Fridays, and quality time spent with like-minded friends make this a truly special summer program.

Gifted campers are taught in in our LIVE, INTERACTIVE classrooms, with caring and inspiring instructors.

Camp STEAM strives to balance challenging intellectual exploration with social and emotional development. TGCS campers experience camp with like-minded peers and are given the opportunity to delve into endless intellectual pursuits and activities, to discover for the first time or to master for a lifetime, within a supportive and fun environment.

Our accomplished and dedicated TGCS instructors deliver TGCS-signature courses with optimal student-teacher ratios. Both individualized and team-oriented instruction is emphasized.

CYBER Super Stars Camp STEAM is a favorite among our gifted campers, who make lasting friendships and look forward to spending their summer months together, year after year. Gifted campers learn and have fun in a nurturing and inspiring environment, all summer long!

TGCS eligibility is required for children four years and older, to participate in TGCS programs.

Learn more about TGCS Eligibility and Admissions HERE.

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