TGCS Pre-Graduate Program for Gifted Teens

Unique Experiences for Teens With Giftedness

This extraordinary program for gifted teens in 7th and 8th grades is designed to help students prepare for high school, college, and beyond. Monthly workshops provide timely and relevant information and support to develop “toolkits” and skills needed for life. Program focuses on self and leadership development to build solid foundations for future success. TGCS eligibility required.

NOTE: Our 2021 Pre-Grad Program for Teens willl be held in our live, virtual classrooms and also in person at our TGCS office in Ramsey, NJ.

Pre-Grad Program Highlights

Pre-Grad Program for Gifted Teens is in session from June through December, 10 Total Workshops

This program consists of two tiers for gifted teens:

- First Tier, 7th Grade Students: 10 workshops, focusing on individual development and leadership, the science of brain power, goal-setting, high school secrets to success, your “footprint”, and more

- Second Tier, 8th Grade Students: 10 workshops, focusing on individual development and leadership, maintaining equilibrium, managing stress, careers, college prep, and more

Dates of Pre-Grad Workshops & Parent Meetings:

Program workshop dates for February through December, 2021 are TBD.

Read on to learn about one student’s journey with TGCS and the Pre-Grad Program:

“Everyone wants their child to be recognized for their abilities, especially when they exhibit exceptional abilities. What no one tells you is that most other kids don’t care, schools are not prepared for them and compensating for what they are lacking with too much parental-praise is more detrimental than helpful. What gifted children need is a community of others like them. They need to know that there are kids that are made like them, and that they may not always be the smartest kid in the class. They need to feel excited for teachers to discuss the topics that they really want to learn, like space, Legos or origami. They need an approach that fosters creativity and educators who are ready for non-standard responses. TGCS is all these things. My son, Quinlan, has attended TGCS since 2012. At the time, back in 2012, Quinn had just finished kindergarten. His teacher took us aside and said, ‘Quinlan is known as the smart kid in class, and for now that is great, however, I worry about him finding his way, his group, his tribe.’ So we looked for social groups and encouraged him to try sports, but nothing seemed right until we found TGCS. Here, at TGCS, Quinlan has been able to shine with other kids that think just like him. TGCS quenched his insatiable hunger for higher learning with a variety of great subjects in a safe, creative space. Now 13 years old, Quinlan just completed the Pre-Grad Program. Knowing that middle school and high school, with the increasing social and educational demands, could present a challenge for Quinn, we were excited to have him participate in this year-long program. As expected, this program was absolutely perfect. Quinlan was able to ask questions, share his feelings and learn essential skills to survive during this transitional time. I cannot recommend this program enough. The leadership is 100% dedicated to the education and well-being of gifted students. My son is now at the end of his time at TGCS, but I can honestly say, TGCS has been there to help him grow and succeed, and will continue to influence him long after he is gone.” Liz Q., TGCS Parent

Pre-Grad Program Course Information & Registration

TGCS Pre-Grad Program Details:

Download The 2021 Pre-Grade Program Brochure HERE!

Register for TGCS Pre-Grad Program Here:

Registration for the 2021 Pre-Grad Program opens in January, 2021.

More About Our Pre-Grad Program

This one-of-a-kind program has been designed by TGCS especially for gifted middle school students to prepare for their transition to high school, college, and beyond. With a core foundation focused on specific developmental needs of gifted teens, our Pre-Grad Program covers a broad range of important, timely, and relevant topics to create solid foundations for success. This program consists of two tiers of ten workshops for 7th and 8th grade students.

Workshops offer unique information, insight, and support in a fun and inspiring environment - the TGCS way! - to help students navigate their journey to and through high school with like-minded peers. Students focus on self and leadership development for personal growth, amassing key learnings and perspectives on how to navigate their way to productive and successful futures.

Class materials are included.

TGCS Membership must be activated/renewed to register for this program. TGCS eligibility is required. Participants must be TGCS Members currently in 7th and 8th grades to participate.

TGCS eligibility is required. Click here for more details.

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