TGCS Admissions

Admissions Requirements

To participate in TGCS’ extraordinary programs for gifted children, as a first step your child must be identified as a child with giftedness.

TGCS Admissions requires a child applicant to be evaluated for giftedness via a TGCS-approved cognitive assessment administered by an experienced state-certified and/or licensed psychologist.

Approved cognitive assessments measure a child’s individual and innate cognitive ability, intellectual capacity/potential, and aptitude, using standardized and empirically calibrated metrics developed by the American Psychological Association.

Each TGCS Admissions evaluation includes an in-depth review of cognitive information and data, a child’s general mental ability and social/emotional maturity, and the psychologist’s professional recommendations.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once a child is identified as a child with giftedness and admitted to TGCS, no further testing is required to continue participation with TGCS. Gifted children are born with giftedness and do not become “ungifted” over time.

Active and ongoing participation in TGCS programs and experiences is welcomed and strongly encouraged, to nurture and support each gifted child’s overall well-being and long-term advancement, from preschool to high school and beyond. TGCS children thrive while striving to reach their potential in a healthy and balanced way, together.

Assessment Services & Appointments

Year-Round Cognitive Assessment Appointments Are Available at TGCS, For Children Ages 4-16.

TGCS offers cognitive assessment appointments for children weekly, with professional psychologists at TGCS’ Ramsey location, for a fee. Your child’s appointment may be scheduled as soon as possible for you, upon request.

To request an appointment at TGCS, complete our online request form, below. TGCS will contact you to schedule a date and time for your child, in the order in which your request was received:

Request a Cognitive/IQ Assessment at TGCS, For Your Child »

If you choose to have your child’s cognitive assessment administered by a non-TGCS psychologist, the following must be emailed to TGCS Admissions by the psychologist who administered your child’s assessment:

Above documents must be emailed to

Identification of Giftedness in Children

Proactive and accurate identification of giftedness is an extremely important first step towards helping gifted children reach their full potential. Timely identification allows parents to begin the journey of nurturing a gifted child’s intellectual, emotional, and social learning and development early on, while also prioritizing and safeguarding their overall well-being.

**Although identification during early childhood years is ideal, it’s never too late to have your child assessed for giftedness. TGCS provides tailored learning and support for gifted children in preschool through high school.**

Giftedness is innate. Giftedness is a state of being of advanced cognitive ability, intellectual capacity/potential, intensity, and awareness that are quantitatively and qualitatively different from the norm.

Giftedness is unique and extraordinary.

Children with giftedness think and learn differently - their essence makes them vulnerable.

Where to begin? TGCS provides support for parents of gifted children from assisting with initial identification via professional and “gold-standard” cognitive assessments, to providing ongoing, tailored enrichment and support for their child’s advanced learning and long-term development.

TGCS works with hundreds of gifted children each year and provides expertise in giftedness rarely found elsewhere.

TGCS is child-centric and welcomes children with giftedness to the dedicated and specialized educational environment TGCS provides.

TGCS provides support to parents to help with the challenges and blessings of raising a gifted child.

Friends, pediatricians, family members, teachers, and many others recommend TGCS to parents whom they suspect might have a gifted child.

Parents may or may not be aware, or may doubt they have a child with giftedness.

Children with giftedness may outwardly exhibit common traits of giftedness, while others may not. Gifted children may demonstrate strengths and abilities in specific areas of intellectual, creative, and other pursuits, but not necessarily all. Some children with giftedness may achieve high academic proficiency scores in school and others may not, and/or their proficiencies may vary across different subjects.

Tendencies for perfectionism, intensity, and many other things can be confusing and contribute to a gifted child’s vulnerability.

TGCS’ professional cognitive assessment services provide an accurate and standardized means of determining giftedness in a child, so parents can know.

Because children with giftedness think and process information differently, individualized and well-balanced learning and personal development should be established for them, so they may thrive in accordance with their aptitude and full potential.

A gifted child’s innate and dynamic intellectual aptitude/potential may not be recognized, may be understated, and may even be overlooked when the child is measured against static and/or “normed” proficiency metrics or subjective, qualitative observations. This can create challenges and gaps for gifted children which may be difficult to overcome.

TGCS’ tailored enrichment programs and experiences exist to help fill many of these gaps.

**Children with giftedness possess significant potential - proactive and well-balanced nurturing of their intellectual, emotional, and social learning and development is needed to help them reach it. TGCS mission is to encourage and further the overall well-being of gifted children - we are here to help.**

Membership & Eligibility

TGCS brings together hundreds of gifted children across New Jersey and surrounding areas each year. With TGCS Membership, gifted children learn and grow together during extraordinary summer camp, weekend, and after-school experiences, all year long.

TGCS offers an advantage for gifted children to grow and advance with active participation in TGCS experiences year after year. A lifelong love of learning is cultivated and many long-term, like-minded friendships are made at TGCS.

TGCS is well-established with expertise in giftedness and we are dedicated to the overall well-being of the gifted children we serve.

TGCS eligibility and Membership are required for participation in TGCS programs and experiences. TGCS Members are children identified with giftedness whose cognitive ability scores are within the range of 130 to 160. All assessment information relevant to each candidate is reviewed in depth, with each TGCS Admissions evaluation.

Once a child is admitted to TGCS, Membership is activated and TGCS Members may register for all TGCS experiences available throughout the year. TGCS Membership is in effect from January 1 through December 31 of each calendar year with payment of annual Membership fees, and Membership must be renewed annually.

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