TGCS Middle School Pre-Graduate Program

Pre-Grad Program Highlights

Middle School Pre-Grad Program is in session from mid-February through December

Ten month program, one 2-2.5 hour workshop each month

Students participate in all workshops during ten-month program duration

Pre-Grad Program is closed in August, for summer vacation

Pre-Grad Program Course Information & Registration

TGCS Pre-Grad Program Details:

Download TGCS Pre-Grad Program Catalog HERE

Register for TGCS Pre-Grad Program Here:

Register for TGCS Pre-Grad Program HERE.

More About Our Pre-Grad Program

This one-of-a-kind program has been designed by TGCS especially for gifted middle school students to prepare for their transition to high school, college, and beyond. Based on specific developmental needs, our Pre-Grad Program coveres a broad range of important and relevant topics to create solid foundations for success.

Monthly workshops offer valuable information, insight, and support in a fun and inspiring environment, to help students navigate their journey to high school with like-minded peers. Students focus on self and leadership development for personal growth, amassing key learnings and perspectives on how to navigate through their journeys to High School and beyond.

Class materials, on-/off-site activities, food/snacks, and drinks are included with each session.

Participants must be TGCS Members in 7th and 8th grades as of January to participate.

TGCS eligibility is required. Click here for more details.

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