TGCS Community Leadership

TGCS actively encourages its students to participate in special projects and initiatives that contribute to the communities in which they live. Below are some of the contributions our students have made, through their hard work and caring for others. We are very proud of our TGCS students!


The 2016 Summer Super Stars Camp STEAM campers were very busy with several community leadership projects this year. The pre-K & Kindergarten Early Childhood (EC) campers sold snacks via their EC store and collected nearly $300. After researching many options, our youngest campers chose to donate their collection to Angelina’s Army, in honor of a local NJ girl who has developed stage 4 neuroblastoma, which means that her cancer is in multiple areas and has metastasized to her bones. Only 500 children a year are diagnosed with this type of cancer. TGCS’ donation will help Angelina’s family with the high costs of treatments for Angelina.

The Community Leadership Afternoon Academy campers chose two initiatives to support this summer: camp-wide collection and donation of canned goods to the Social Service Association of Ridgewood and monetary collections for donation of live trees to the Northern Highlands Regional High School administration, to replace dead trees that campers found on the grounds at our camp venue.


The 2015 Summer Super Stars Camp STEAM Early Childhood (EC)/pre-K/K campers chose to support the Hayden’s Heart Memorial Fund for their community service project. The EC Camp Store raised over $700 that was donated to the fund that helps fight juvenile congenital heart defects and hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Our EC campers should be very proud of their accomplishment!


The 2014 Summer Super Stars Camp STEAM Intermediate campers designed and built the Officer Goodell Memorial Garden by at the Waldwick Crescent Elementary School, in honor of Officer Chris Goodell, who lost his life in the line of duty when a tractor-trailer smashed into his police car while he was running radar on Route 17 wreck. Officer Goodell was a local hero and was a veteran officer with the Waldwick Police Department.

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