TGCS Testimonials - Members, Parents & Graduates

TGCS Overall

“Everyone wants their child to be recognized for their abilities, especially when they exhibit exceptional abilities. What no one tells you is that most other kids don’t care, schools are not prepared for them and compensating for what they are lacking with too much parental-praise is more detrimental than helpful. What gifted children need is a community of others like them. They need to know that there are kids that are made like them, and that they may not always be the smartest kid in the class. They need to feel excited for teachers to discuss the topics that they really want to learn, like space, Legos or origami. They need an approach that fosters creativity and educators who are ready for non-standard responses. TGCS is all these things. My son, Quinlan, has attended TGCS since 2012. At the time, back in 2012, Quinn had just finished kindergarten. His teacher took us aside and said, ‘Quinlan is known as the smart kid in class, and for now that is great, however, I worry about him finding his way, his group, his tribe.’ So we looked for social groups and encouraged him to try sports, but nothing seemed right until we found TGCS. Here, at TGCS, Quinlan has been able to shine with other kids that think just like him. TGCS quenched his insatiable hunger for higher learning with a variety of great subjects in a safe, creative space. Now 13 years old, Quinlan just completed the Pre-Grad Program. Knowing that middle school and high school, with the increasing social and educational demands, could present a challenge for Quinn, we were excited to have him participate in this year-long program. As expected, this program was absolutely perfect. Quinlan was able to ask questions, share his feelings and learn essential skills to survive during this transitional time. I cannot recommend this program enough. The leadership is 100% dedicated to the education and well-being of gifted students. My son is now at the end of his time at TGCS, but I can honestly say, TGCS has been there to help him grow and succeed, and will continue to influence him long after he is gone.” Liz Q., TGCS Parent

“We appreciate your concern and dedication so very much. Every time I get a chance to chat with you, I always leave with a sense that there could be no better person to be directing and and supporting the minds and needs of our unique children! Thanks so much for all you do.” Julie S., TGCS Parent

“Thanks for your efforts in creating such a great outlet for these kids. Both my boys have enjoyed TGCS for years and we hope you realize how much it is valued.” Stacey W., TGCS Parent

“Thank you for all that you and the entire team do to help both students and their parents! We appreciate it!” Krystina W, TGCS Parent

The Saturday Workshop

“The Gifted Child Society classes have provided me with a forum to learn areas of STEM, culture, and most importantly critical thinking and asking good questions. I would not otherwise have an opportunity to learn these life lessons to learning if it were not for the awesome Saturday programs. Thank you TGCS!” Ryan F., TGCS Member

“I know [my son] is learning, challenged, and is happy…going to Saturday Workshop! This is what matters most!” Annie C., TGCS Parent

“I took the Equine Experience during the Fall session. I recommend this to anyone who likes animals. It was nice to connect and be with the horses, and you can feed…and learn the types of horses. I was able to determine what breed a horse is, and you also learn the features of a horse’s coat. The reason that I chose this class is because I want to become a vet when I grow up. And I thought that working with the horses would be a good start. When I was at church one Sunday, I thanked God for giving me the opportunity to take this class. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who wants to become a vet, or is just an animal lover.” Dylan D., TGCS Member

“We love you guys. These classes have been amazing over the years and they just keep getting better. Thank you!” Audrey S., TGCS Parent

“[My son] is super excited about the ozobots and makerspace classes! Great additions!” Lisa B., TGCS Parent

“Saturday is truly the one day of the week that our son eagerly gets himself up out of bed and is ready to head out the door to The Gifted Child Society Saturday programs. Our son’s learning journey with TGCS is grounded first and foremost in how the program directors create meaningful and topical classes. That permeates in how engaged and helpful the instructors are. TGCS is a model of how learning can be fun, relevant and constructive!” Kimberly G., TGCS Parent

“My son…is a Gifted Child Society Member and LOVES the spring enrichment program. Thanks again for running these programs. This is tops on his list of activities!” Katie M., TGCS Parent

“Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful program. It was my son’s first time participating and he is so sad the fall session is over. It has been great for him to interact with other children who think like he does. We really appreciate your making these classes available and look forward to spring.” Alidis V., TGCS Parent

“I really LOVE all the new tech options like real coding/programming, robotics, etc. spanning from elementary through upper grades. I can see a lot of room for growth for [my son] over the years at TGCS!!” Gabrielle G., TGCS Parent

“[My daughter] and I just looked at the catalog and again she was so happy to see her photos there!! Thank you for always making her feel special!! She will come back next year as a 7th Grader for the Middle School Graduate Program!!…I know she will love it too!” Daniela M., TGCS Parent

“Thank you for doing such an awesome job!” Anastasia I., TGCS Parent

Summer Super Stars Camp STEAM

“[Our son] loves going to camp, he’s having the best summer vacation ever! Thank you very much.” Ed J., TGCS Parent

“[My husband and I] wanted to thank you for helping to make this a great camp experience for [our daughter]. We are certain that you have much to do with making Camp STEAM the caring, cooperative culture that it is, and we feel very grateful.” Judy G., TGCS Parent

“[Our daughter] is really enjoying the camp. We are very glad we decided to do this!” Archana J., TGCS Parent

“I want to take a moment to thank you for such a rewarding camp experience for [my son] this past summer. [He] really enjoyed the course selections, but it was his favorite session in large part because of his head counselor…[he] was a positive role model each day…he even offered guidance to [my son] about BCA, which [my son] will apply to this year. I am looking into Saturday Workshops now, but be certain that [my son] is already looking forward to returning to camp next summer, especially if he can return as a CIT under [his head counselor]. Again, many thanks.” April C., TGCS Parent

“It meant a lot to me that I was able to be in amazing classes and to see my old friends again. It has been a difficult year for us…it was a blast to go on exciting trips and to meet new staff and campers this summer. My favorite classes were the mystery class, and the 2 game designing classes. I enjoyed this year and can’t wait to come again this summer.” Dylan D., TGCS Member

“[Our son] loves the class. He has been so excited and so engaged ever since the camp started.” Alina O., TGCS Parent

“My son…attended Summer Superstars camp this year for the first time. It was our first involvement with The Gifted Child Society, and I just wanted to write about how please we were with the program. Our son had a great time, and we were very confident in his well-being while he was there. We found that it was very positive for our son to be around other gifted children. Thank you all!” Vikki M., TGCS Parent”

TGCS Middle School Pre-Grad Program for 7th & 8th Grades

“I appreciate very much your efforts to maintain offerings for the older kids. [My son] is really enjoying the Pre-Grad program. He feels very comfortable at TGCS and that is cherished by us.” Stacey W., TGCS Parent

What I liked best about this program:

“The people and the journey. Notes were not mandatory.” Nicole N., TGCS Member

“Getting to learn about life.” Christine S., TGCS Member

“Being able to talk with other people similar to me. You pretty much did it all right. Nice job!” John D., TGCS Member

“It is a good source of information for high school and transition from middle to high school; [also] the food, and atmosphere, and people.” Anaya R., TGCS Member

“Meeting other kids like me who have similar interests.” Jake P., TGCS Member

TGCS Ambassadors / Graduates

“Thank you so much for allowing me…to attend this Summer Super Star’s camp to work [as a TGCS Ambassador]. I learned so much and had so much fun helping. It means so much to come here - I value it so much. I look forward to coming back next year to help other kids better their future. Without your work and effort these kids wouldn’t be able to look forward to their better future. You helped transform the lives of these kids, that was your mission, and you accomplished it. You have truly been a superhero to them and to me. Thank you again so much!” Tara S., TGCS Graduate

“Thank you for taking the time to write the great recommendation letters for me. It is very much appreciated!” Steve K., TGCS Graduate

“Thanks for the nice compliments about [our son]. I know he tried very hard to be helpful and dependable; I’ll tell him it was noticed. He really enjoyed being a CIT. It was a great experience for him and I think he gained a useful new perspective! I am certain he will want to join you again next year for camp as well as for the Saturday Workshop.” Stacey W., TGCS Parent

“[Our son] had a wonderful time. Thank you so much for the amazing opportunity. We are so thankful.” Marcy P., TGCS Parent

“Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to come and volunteer this summer with The Gifted Child Society. It’s the amazing environment you put together for this program that makes me enjoy coming to New Jersey all the way from Texas to help. I love how I can make a direct impact on all the children’s future and that really makes me happy. Thank you again and I look forward to coming back next year.” Tara S., TGCS Graduate

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