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Did You Know?

The state of New Jersey does not provide specific, dedicated funds for gifted programs and services in the state. Aside from the state aid and local revenues that New Jersey district boards of education may use to provide identification and services to their districts, no other financial support is provided to ensure appropriate and sustained enrichment programs or services for gifted children in New Jersey.

Where does that leave TGCS?

Since its 1957 incorporation as a nonprofit organization, TGCS has had to fund all its programs and services for gifted children solely through program tuition fees and Member dues. These revenues barely cover TGCS’ operational costs and the ongoing demands of delivering high-quality, advanced-technology enrichment to our gifted learners. Program operating costs have been increasing steadily year over year with increased enrollment and as a result, TGCS must now pursue alternative financial support within our Membership, local, and state community.

TGCS is now seeking financial support from individuals, corporations, and other channels to help generate much-needed funding so that we may continue to serve gifted children in support of our mission and provide:

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