The Gifted Child Society is a
non-profit organization that was
founded in 1957 by parents of
New Jersey to further the cause
of gifted children.
Eligibility Requirements & Admission to TGCS
Giftedness is a diagnosis and must be determined by a licensed professional. A child must meet eligibility requirements in order to participate in TGCS programs. Once identified as eligible, the child(ren) are invited to Membership, which is required to gain access to specialized TGCS programs and services. Annual Membership is $50 per year. To continue participation in TGSC programs and services over time, Member accounts must be in good standing and renewed annually.
To determine eligibility for entry to TGCS, we offer the service of onsite intelligence testing for a fee. Please contact the TGCS office at (201) 444-6530 to schedule an appointment. Or, a licensed/certified psychologist may be hired independently by the child�s parent or the child�s school to administer the standardized IQ testing (see below for eligible test options).
To be considered for eligibility, a candidate must qualify for at least three out of the four categories listed below, two of which MUST be #1 and #2:
  1. Diagnosis & Testing
    Children four years and older* must be formally diagnosed via standardized intelligence testing administered by a licensed psychologist using any of the following tests: WISC IV, WISC-III, WPPSI-III, Stanford-Binet Fifth Edition.
  2. Qualified IQ
    Candidates must have an overall Intelligence Quotient (IQ) score of 130 or higher in addition to a minimum of two (2) sub scores of 130 or higher. Psychologist must provide all scores (including the GAI Index and Full Scale IQ), date of test, name of examiner, and a copy of the examiner�s current license.
  3. Standardized Test Scores
    A candidate�s nationally and/or state normed standardized test scores may be submitted for consideration. A minimum of two scores must fall in the 97th percentile or above, specifically for reading/language arts and mathematics.
  4. Professional Recommendation
    Overall professional recommendation of the examiner may be considered. Please note that the emotional and social maturity of the candidate may be taken into consideration, as recommended by the examiner.
The TGCS Eligibility Form (see below) must be completed by the psychologist administering the IQ test and must be submitted to TGCS via mail or fax.
Click here for our Eligibility Form.
Send to:
The Gifted Child Society
1 Myrtle Avenue, Second Floor
Allendale, NJ 07401
Attention: D'Arcy Natale or Bobbi Zientek,
Interim Managing Directors
Or via Fax (201) 444-9099.
    For TGCS Members in pre-K through Grade 8, this extraordinary program offers a wide variety of specialized courses for gifted children, according to their unique interests and needs. The Saturday Workshop consists of two ten-week sessions in the spring and fall and classes run hourly between 9:30AM and 12:30PM. TGCS runs this program from Northern Highlands Regional High School in Allendale, NJ.
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    For TGCS Members in pre-K through Grade 8, this fabulous camp offers six weeks of academic enrichment infused with fun, hands-on learning during the summer months of June/July through August. An academic morning of 4-5 classes combined with recreational afternoons of swimming at Crestwood Lake, sports, clubs, fun-filled field trips, and afternoon specialty classes make this a camp for gifted children like no other. TGCS runs camp from Northern Highlands Regional High School in Allendale, NJ.
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