The Gifted Child Society is a
non-profit organization that was
founded in 1957 by parents of
New Jersey to further the cause
of gifted children.
To become the Center of Excellence for the overall well-being of gifted children and the essential resource for the families, educators and other support groups who inspire them.
The purpose of The Gifted Child Society is to encourage and further the overall well-being of gifted children, through each stage of their development, and to provide them with the inspiration and means by which they will achieve their full potential.
Strategic Objectives
To achieve its mission, the Gifted Child Society is committed to providing the following:
  • Superior programming and experiential opportunities for gifted children, to equip them with the means necessary to enjoy a full and productive life.
  • Extraordinary support services and resources for families of gifted children, for all developmental stages.
  • Cutting-edge professional training opportunities and support for educators and administrators, to ensure early identification and the best possible learning environments and opportunities within school districts, to meet the needs of these unique children.
  • Conspicuous and dedicated advocacy of gifted children to ensure public recognition, acceptance and timely responsiveness to their unique needs.
Since 1957, the Society has served over 60,000 children and their families. In 1975, the U.S. Department of Education named it a national demonstration model.
The Gifted Child Society was founded by Mrs. L.J.A. Stiles in 1957. As the mother of a gifted child, Mrs. Stiles wanted to form a club to promote the interests and talents of gifted children. Through an ad in a local newspaper, she was able to form this club. The club's first meeting was held at the City Hall in Dumont, New Jersey, in October, 1957. On June 1, 1958, Mrs. Stiles was elected the Society's first president.
The first classes sponsored by The Gifted Child Society (now called the "Saturday Workshop") were held in March, 1959. The classes at that time were small and held twice a year. The first summer program was conducted in 1962 at the Central Unitarian Church in Paramus, New Jersey.
The Society grew in membership and in 1962 was incorporated. By 1965, 250 children were enrolled in the Saturday Workshop. The Society continued to expand, adding its first courses for parents in 1966.
The Gifted Child Society sponsors many activities designed to assist gifted children, their parents, and educators. Our most popular activities include the Saturday Workshop, Summer Super Stars, Parent Seminars, Testing, and Educator Training.
  • The Saturday Workshop Program
    Consisting of over 60 one-hour Saturday morning courses specifically designed for gifted children, The Saturday Workshop is a special program that runs for two ten-week sessions in the spring and fall annually. All Saturday Workshop classes are designed to challenge the special learning needs and styles of gifted children. Curriculum and teaching strategies stimulate the development of higher levels of thinking, creativity, problem solving, and leadership. An interdisciplinary approach is used and, where practical, courses are future oriented and globally aware.
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  • Summer Super Stars Camp Program
    We offer a balance of summer academics and recreation for gifted children from age four through 8th grade. The camp program runs annually from late June/July through August and offers a full six weeks of unique programming for gifted children. Programming includes an academic morning with multiple periods of courses which cover, in-depth, a wide range of topics such as science, technology, engineering, the arts, and music. Recreational afternoons include swimming in Crestwood Lake, with lifeguards and camp staff onsite, individual and team sports. For those campers who would like to extend their learning to the afternoon, our camp offers specialty clubs and afternoon classes as well as recreational activities.
    Summer 2015 Catalog
  • Parent Seminars
    To help parents celebrate the wonders and meet the challenges of raising gifted children, The Gifted Child Society offers seminars periodically throughout each calendar year. Past seminars have included discussions on the traits and typical behaviors of young gifted children, their study and homework skills, discipline, ADHD, existing school programs for the gifted, advocacy, and many others.
  • Gifted Educator Training (G.E.T.) Program
    The Gifted Child Society is one of the few nonprofit organizations in New Jersey that provide specialized training for educators on the education of gifted children. In-service training sessions are available to local New Jersey school districts at a nominal cost. Since 1999, the Society has sponsored fully-funded Fellowships for approximately 100 New Jersey teachers to develop skills in working with and challenging gifted children. Specialized education includes training at Confratute at the University of Connecticut. Confratute is one of the nation's leading institutes for teacher training in education of the gifted. It is a total immersion, live-in experience offering training in K-12 teaching that cuts across all school activities, curricular areas, grade levels, and grouping. TGCS Fellows have brought back to their districts expertise in providing services for gifted students as well as skills development for other educators. Moving forward, TGCS will continue to explore opportunities to train New Jersey educators on practices and techniques for educating gifted children.
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  • Intelligence (IQ) Testing
    To determine eligibility for entry to The Gifted Child Society, we offer the service of onsite intelligence testing for a fee. Please contact the TGCS office at (201) 444-6530 to schedule an appointment.
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