TGCS Admissions

TGCS Admissions/Eligibility Requirements

To participate in TGCS programs, children in preschool, elementary school, or middle school must be evaluated to determine eligibility via a TGCS-approved IQ test administered by a certified or licensed psychologist. Unlike an academic or standardized test, an IQ test measures how a child thinks, not how academically proficient a child may be. In addition to his/her IQ, a child’s general mental ability, social/emotional maturity, and the pscyhologist’s professional recommendations will be considered.

IQ Testing Services At TGCS

TGCS offers IQ testing services onsite at our corporate office in Allendale, New Jersey, for a fee. Complete the form below to schedule an appointment with TGCS. Your child(ren)’s IQ test results will be submitted to the TGCS Eligibility Committee for admissions review.

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If an alternate certified or licensed psychologist is chosen to assess your child’s IQ, the psychologist must complete and return the form below, with a copy of his/her current certification or license.

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TGCS Eligibility and Membership

A child must be diagnosed as gifted and meet eligibility requirements to become a Member of TGCS. TGCS defines a gifted child as one whose Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is 130 or higher, in the Very Superior range of cognitive thinking.

After meeting the above eligibility requirements, your child will receive an invitation to TGCS Membership which must be active to participate in TGCS programs. As an active Member, your child is welcome to participate in all the special programs and services TGCS has to offer. TGCS Membership is in effect from January 1 through December 31 and must be renewed each calendar year.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to welcoming your gifted child to TGCS Membership!

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