TGCS Admissions

TGCS Admissions/Eligibility Requirements

To participate in TGCS programs, children four years and older in preschool, elementary school, or middle school must be evaluated to determine eligibility via a TGCS-approved IQ test administered by a certified or licensed psychologist. Unlike an academic or standardized test, an IQ test measures how a child thinks, not how academically proficient a child may be. In addition to his/her full-scale IQ score, a child’s general mental ability, social/emotional maturity, and the pscyhologist’s professional recommendations will be considered.

IQ Testing Services At TGCS

TGCS offers IQ testing services onsite at our corporate office in Allendale, New Jersey, for a fee. Complete the form below to schedule an appointment with TGCS. Your child(ren)’s IQ test results will be submitted to the TGCS Eligibility Committee for Admissions review.

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If you choose to retain an alternate certified or licensed psychologist to assess your child’s IQ, the psychologist must complete and return the form below with a copy of his/her current certification or license.

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TGCS Eligibility and Membership

TGCS eligibility is required for participation in TGCS programming. To be considered for eligibility, a child must be four years old and diagnosed as gifted by a certified or licensed psychologist via a TGCS-approved IQ test, with which a full-scale IQ score of 130 or higher must be attained. The full-scale IQ score and additional information relevant to each candidate is considered as part of his/her egibility evaluation.

Once diagnosed as gifted and TGCS eligibility requirements are met, a gifted child becomes a Member of TGCS and is then welcome to participate in all the special programs and services TGCS has to offer. TGCS Membership is in effect from January 1 through December 31 of each calendar year and must be renewed annually.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to welcoming your gifted child to TGCS!

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